The Tremolo

Greetings, gentle reader. Welcome to The Tremolo,
a web site dedicated to the theory and practice of the tremolo harmonica.
I hope you enjoy it!

Why Tremolo?
The joys of tremolo: what a tremolo is, and why I came to prefer tremolo when in this vicinity, the middle of the continental U.S.A., tremolo and players thereof are quite rare.

Which and Where
Which tremolo harmonicas you might want to obtain, summaries of why you might want particular ones, and where to obtain them.
Reviews of several tremolo harmonicas.

A Lexicon
Clarification of a number of terms used for tremolo and harmonication in general.
Learning to Play
A basic primer for the tremolo harmonica.

Microphones and Amplification
Kinds of microphones, and effective ways to record and/or amplify in pleasing fashion.
Some example recordings.

Lists & Links
Email lists and other WWW sites vis a vis the tremolo harmonica.
Chromatic Mode
A contributor has given us a primer on chromatic mode, in which two instruments are used at once to cover all notes in all keys.

The Tremolo Groups on Facebook
The Forum was starting to show cracks
Come join us for discussion in the Facebook Groups!!!

This site contains material mostly written by myself, plus substantial input from persons of extraordinary firsthand knowledge and experience, and links to writings of the latter. I have nowhere near enough experience to write comprehensively: if you have material to contribute, emphatically including corrections and disagreements with anything here, please email it and I'll post it, as long as it is appropriate.

Jonathan E. Brickman

I am available on Facebook, here.


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