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Here are some apropos email lists and sites.

Scots Moothie

Contributed by George in our Forum! A very neat web site discussing harmonication in a very Scots fashion. Click on the word "Welcome" in the middle to go forward.

The Hong Kong Harmonica
Association's Forum

Tremolo is actually very popular all over Asia, and this group's forum is a good place to meet people who know a lot.


The oldest general harmonica discussion list on the Net. Tremolo players do come and talk here sometimes, but most of the conversation concerns 10/12-holers. However, here you can learn a whole lot of useful things about gigging and about electronic harmonica-related equipment.


Another good general harmonica discussion, started by Coast to Coast Music. Topics are more or less ditto those of Harp-L.

Pat Missin on Bending

According to Pat Missin, harmonica player and tech extraordinaire, it is very possible to “bend” notes on a tremolo, which means to coerce the instrument to produce notes outside of its scale of tuning.

The Harmonica: A Mouthful of Music

An excellent history and architectural summary by Richard Martin.

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