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The Swan Professional

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Overall: An excellent instrument.

Price: Between $10 and $20 plus shipping. So far I have experience with these purchased from Tmart; when I bought my two, they were $15 each from this source, now down to $10. We have received multiple solid reports of very good customer service from a relatively new U.S. web site of the Swan company itself, with an excellent selection of tremolos.

Keys: All major and minor.

Size: 24-tone is available in all keys. 16-tone, 21-tone, and 28-tone are available in C.

Box: Nice plastic box.

Physicality: Good strong plastic comb, behaves as if it will last quite a while. Good sheet metal covers.

Tone & Tuning: Excellent for the mids and highs, OK for lows as long as you're not looking for the mellow wood sound. Solo-tuned for full octave runs on that long 24-tone range. The tremolo tuning is excellent, neither too loose nor too tight. Very satisfactory timbre. Not un-Suzuki-like, but a bit more emphasis on the highs and a bit less on the midrange. Chords and single notes play well.

Downsides: None so far.

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