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Overall: A very nice looking harmonica with sturdy cover plates. Feels comfortable in your hands and mouth. Reed response is very good across the whole instrument.

Price: US$30.38 for the 21-tone, US$36.45 for the 24-tone, plus shipping, from New Harmonica.

Keys: C, A

Size: 21-tone and 24-tone.

Box: Nice strong cream color plastic box. Key label on top and end of box. Velvet line with a good thick cleaning cloth inside.

Physicality: Black plastic comb marked with white at the beginning of each octave making it very easy to see the beginning and end of each octave. If you are new to tremolo this is a nice visual learning tool that can help you learn the note lay out quickly. Reed plates look like stainless steal with eight screws holding them to the comb. Cover plates also look like stainless steel with one brass screw and tap holding them in place at each end. That makes ten screws holding this harmonica together. All of the above gives a nice hefty feel to the harmonica making it feel and look like a quality instrument in your hands.

Tone & Tuning: Tuned to A-443 in a compromise tuning. While single note play sounds best to my ears, chords are not bad, but may sound a little rough if you are used to true Just Intonation tuning. As for the tone I would describe it as being not to bright or mellow but somewhere in the middle.

Playability: The reeds respond very well to light and hard play across the whole harmonica. No need to change breath pressure on some reeds with this harmonica.

Downsides: The only downside reported about this harmonica is it is a relatively dry tremolo. Also chords are reported as being a bit rough to the ears.

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