The Tremolo: Reviews
The Seydel Mountain 80
by Terry G. Wilson, ed. by J.E.B.

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Overall: A true masterpiece. I mean it just blew me away when I first held it in my hands and played a few notes. Huge WOW factor. The sad thing is it's only available in the keys of C/G (2 sided tremolo harmonica). I own several Swans, a Suzuki Humming & a Hohner Celeste. This Mountain 80 is by far my new favorite. I wouldn't hesitate to order an A/D if it was only available. Keep in mind that the cost of the Mountain 80 is quite a bit more than the others, so it should be better.

Price: At the time of the original writing of this review, one could get these for US$89.00 plus $6.00 shipping from Seydel USA. However, the web site does not mention the Mountain 80 anymore. I did find them for $200 here, not sure why the price hike, and there are other reports elsewhere that they may be discontinued, so be careful.

Keys: Double sided tremolo only available in the keys of C & G.

Size: 20 notes per side. Length is 6-1/2 inches. Depth is almost 2 inches, which is more than most. Also heavier.

Box: Just a cardboard packing box.

Physicality: Good strong plastic comb, very very impressive. Should last forever. I still haven't figured out what the covers are made of, but I believe sheet metal. Whatever it is, is sure looks great and feels strong. Should never have to worry about dents in the metal. Four quality screws, two per side, hold it all together. Overall feel is very strong, like you have something "commercial" in your hands. For me and my small mouth, I find the mouthpiece rather larger than my others. It does take "more mouth". I am getting used to it, but it does take some getting used to.

Tone & Tuning: Beyond excellent for the mid octave and the 1/2 upper octave, satisfactory for the lows. The Seydel Mountain is Solo Tuned. This is important to know. In my simple way of explaining things, what this means is: The lower octave note layout and the four notes of the upper octave, are set up just as the middle octave. The middle octave on the Mountain Octave has the same note layout as my Humming and others. Every note comes out smoothly without exception. Extremely easy to make single notes, lots easier than the Humming, while no more easier than the Swans.

Downsides: Terry [this is JEB] reported issues with the lows, but Rex has contributed encouragement of practice and experience. [Back to Terry!] The Mountain 80 is rather large, and takes more mouth. I don't know if this would be a problem with some of you big mouth guys. And there is the cardboard box, which is minor.

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