The Tremolo: Reviews
Mississippi Harmonica Co., by Regal

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Overall: An acceptableinstrument, quite inexpensive, and happily, not Richter. Seems to be quite useful, although it does lose air.

Price: $7.97 U.S. plus shipping from many other general retailers. It appears to be a very recent introduction to English-speaking markets.

Keys: C only.

Size: 21-tone.

Box: Weak paperboard box. Must be replaced more or less immediately.

Physicality: Good plastic comb, looks like it will take heavy use. Good sheet metal covers. Instrument is held together with very satisfactory brass screws and decorative nuts. Overall feel is very strong, more so than Tombo 3121. The reedplates are nice-looking brass.

Tone & Tuning: The tuning is nice and precise, and it is solo-tuned, with no deficit in volume. The tremolo off-tuning is barely there, less than Tombo 1521. The comb and reedplates are extremely well-designed, such that every single note in the instrument can be reached and produced without the slightest squeak or concern for lip-precision.

Downsides: Single-key availability, and lower volume than most, due to air loss.

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