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The Huang Musette 24

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Overall: A usable instrument. Tone quality works for ensemble, not so good for solo or vocal accompaniment.

Price: My Huang Musette 24s I bought as the "Huang Musette Twin Pack (C and C#) Tremolo for Chromatic Playing". The pair was $20. Low price is one very strong advantage of Huang tremolos.  However, so far as I know, this instrument is no longer being manufactured.

Keys: Two tremolo harmonicas come in this set, one C, one C#. The theory is that the buyer will play them chromatically, obviously not chording, using the C# when needing notes not available on the C. Mr. Huang is a virtuoso playing the pair (among many other harmonica permutations), and others are playing thusly too. I tried to learn the technique, but have not yet succeeded. Single Huang Musette 24's are available in C and G. "Wheels" of four, easily unbindable, are available with keys F-C-G-D. Wheels of six, also easily unbindable, are available with keys Bb-F-C-G-D-A. Reportedly, individuals can be had from other sources in keys Bb, F, C, G, D, and A, sold mostly as replacements for the wheels.

Size: The two instruments I have are 24-tone, as are the others mentioned under "Keys" above. Huang Musette 16 does exist, in the key of C only.

Box: My C/C# pair arrived in an excellent wooden box, vinyl covered, lined with velvet.

Physicality: Satisfactory plastic comb. Good and simple covers. The instrument is held together with straightforward screws and nuts. Overall feel is good and strong. Weight factor is roughly that of Tombo 3121, allowing for slight increase for slightly larger instrument.

Tone & Tuning: The tuning is good, but not excellent. It's solo-tuned, which is excellent; but the tremolo off-tuning is only acceptably consistent all the way up and down the instrument's range. The tremolo is not as close tremolo as either of my Tombos or my Hohner; in consequence, the tone has many high overtones and few low overtones. This tends to interfere slightly (not unusably) with vocal accompaniment, and is not as pleasant as pure solo. But the upside is interesting: as the quantity of close ensemble instruments rises to two and especially above, it rapidly exhibits its forte, and becomes truly excellent. And last but not least, as the instrument warms up, the off-tuning reduces towards something very like Tombo 3121. If I were playing with orchestras and not solo, and if it were available in all keys, Huang Musette 24 would be my utter and sole preference. I do use them as my primary C and C#.

Downsides: Tone not so good for solo work, vocal accompaniment, or work with only one other instrument.

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