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The Easttop T2406 and T2406S

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Overall: An excellent instrument, unusual and pleasing tone quality, good chrome-plated brass reeds. This is a very new arrival to English-language musicians. This is a composite review, covering both the T2406 and a variant called the T2406S, as reported to The Tremolo by multiple musicians.

Price and availability: For the T2406, US$26.54 including shipping through Amazon; it's US$28.54 for the T2406S through the same source. A source through eBay, Dream-Harmonica, has twelve-instrument sets, both all major and all minor, at very good prices.

Keys: All 24 keys major and minor.

Size: 24-tone.

Box: Very nice plastic box with insert shaped to the instrument. 12-instrument sets come with a similarly excellent single box for all.

Physicality: Plastic comb, thinner walls than many, possibly related to the tone quality. Very nice heavy-duty chrome-plated brass reeds. The T2406 has a black comb and tabbed covers with reedplate edges visible. The T2406S has an all-white comb and full length covers. Reeds are phosphor bronze.

Tone & Tuning: Nice and playable right out of the box. The tone is very pleasing and quite unique. May benefit from retuning if high precision is desireable.

Downsides: Most general retail doesn't have them yet, but Amazon and eBay are working out so far.

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