Flambeau case
Recently saw this case at a Gander Mountain store. It was near the fishing tackle boxes. It will fit the longer 24 hole harps side by side. It is a Flambeau T6004. The one I got was a 6004R which is the same case but it has movable blue plastic dividers that have some type of rust proofing chemical on them. I didn't realize that until I got it home. Their web site says the chemical is safe but I don't want any chemicals near my harps so I have made my own dividers by cutting some old insurance cards and using some diagonal dividers from another, smaller case I already had. The round thing is the spool left over from a roll of tape. The T6004 comes with plain plastic dividers so that would be the better one to get. You can order the plain dividers by contacting Flambeau, but the shipping cost more than I paid for this entire case ($8). 24 hole harps will fit side by side with the spool dividing them. Dividers can be spaced closer to fit 21 hole harps. I have a 21 hole in the bottom of the picture but the divider there could be removed and a 24 will fit there also. In the upper right is another 21 but that divider could be removed and a 24 would fit with just the spool between them. The 21 hole harps have tapered covers which means you can face them opposite directions and fit two per slot. I used to do this with my old case and wrap the harps in their cleaning clothes so the covers didn't rub and scratch each other. I put a little double ended screwdriver in one of the small spaces and a Seydel Big Six in the other. I retuned that Big Six to Melody Maker. It can play a surprising number of tunes.

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