Tremolo harmonica and the various styles played with it
Learning and playing the tremolo harmonica has opened up so much new music to me, like Irish tunes, a re-aquaintance with traditional Appalachian folk music, and now French Canadian folk (see the links below).

What types of music have you found because of your tremolo?
Hello, Ohiotremolo.

The following music styles were not
discovered by using the tremolo harmonica,
but they are very practical on tremolo harps:

Cajun (Arcadian)
Delta Blues (Sonny Terry, etc.)
Southern USA folk tunes
German folk music (polkas, waltzes)
French café music

Most tremolo harps are diatonic. They
have only one major scale and it's modes

So, the selections played on a tremolo harp
are limited, unless you use a Suzuki SCT-128
slide tremolo chromatic harp.

The SCT-128 has a solo system reed placement,
like a standard solo system slide chromatic harp.
This limits the availability of most chordal playing.

Best Regards

John Broecker
Sussex, Wisconsin, USA
Old Time Americana, slower Celtic tunes such as airs, waltzes, and planxties, and old traditional hymns. Actually I learned that type of music over 40 years ago learning guitar using old Mel Bay instruction books that were probably left over from the 50s. It has been fun finding old tunes I had forgotten about.

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