Possible Rare Tremolo?
Forgive me if this is a silly question but I have a Hero Harmonica from China, I looked at the other available Hero Harmonicas for sale online and couldn't find another that looked just like it. From all that google knows it is completely unique. Does anyone know anything about foreign harmonicas? Is this some sort of limited edition? Or just a knock off? It looks pretty nice quality compared to other generics I've seen, and the Hero Harmonicas available online come in box sets and there isn't a 24 hole available. It's roughly 15 years old.



Hello, Tripsauce.

Sorry for the delayed reply.

Your 24-double-holed (48 reeds)
Hero Tremolo is not a rare harp.
It's very common. The 24-double hole
tremolo is a standard size, world -wide,
on tremolo harmonicas.

Hero harmonicas are made in the
Shanghai Guoguang Harmonica Factory,
along with the company's Guoguang
brand harps, and the Leo Shi products.

The company was founded in 1931 in Shanghai.

email: GG@harmonica-hero.com

Web: http://harmonica-hero.com

Best Regards

John Broecker
Looked at their website, I certainly recognize the tremolo harps with the translucent green plastic combs. I see those in stores all the time, with different cover plates ... sometimes with the name of a musical instrument company, and just as often with the name of a toy company.
There you are Tripsauce, I knew John could tell you .

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