Tremolos, who knew?
Hi there all my names Conner. Termolos are pretty unique so I thought I'd share how I found the site. I have an old harmonica that sat in my drawer for about a decade. Recently I started trying to teach myself how to play it, I thought the results were encouraging as I managed to randomly produce a nice melody that I probably couldn't reproduce Tongue . After that I started to look up simple songs and that's when I learned that there are several different kinds of harmonicas. At first the earliest results were kind of discouraging. They said that Tremolos are only for certain effects and harmonies. I thought I noticed a limit to the range before but assumed it was my own limitations. Happily that turned out to be the case. I went searching for any special methods of playing and found that google has less than 10 pages of Tremolo related sites. Which to me is exciting because that means its not well known. That makes it kind of special to me Heart . So while searching I came across the youtube video on the aptly named Tremolo Harmonica page. I believe the man in the videos is a member here as I saw him in some demo videos on the site. The video detailed vamping, and to me this opened up a world of possibility. I searched for Tremolo vamping tabs found this site and now here I am. I like that it's an instrument that is little used, or used in niches which it has the power to escape. There is more room for experimentation with Tremolos. Sounds and songs undiscovered. It just takes a bit more work to find them. Cool
Hello Conner. Welcome to the forum.

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