Way of Lights 2016
The Shrine of Our Lady of the Snows invited me back this year. I learned a few more melodies and also added some rhythms and harmonies to others for what I think was a better program this year. The weather was nice and the turnout was good. After about 35 minutes a lot of the folks who were there at the start moved on but then quickly they were replaced by folks who had just arrived. That worked out great because I only had 40 or 45 minutes worth of music before I had to start at the beginning again. The little Roland Micro Cube amp worked great. The Seydel Sailor Steel Reed in G that I got back in April was used at least a third of the time. I like that harp a lot and just this week ordered another one in D. I will try to do a review on the D. There was one gentleman and his wife who stayed til the end of my program. He introduced himself after. He was a member of the Gateway Harmonica Club in St. Louis. He said I should come to one of their meetings sometime. Wonderful evening. No recordings to share.

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