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Hi everyone! I'm john Kelly, an almost tremolo player. I've been learning the chromatic harmonica for about two years and am now interested in trying a tremolo. I'm looking at the Seydel Fanfare-S as the mouthpiece is very similar to my other Seydel's; a Saxony and a Sampler. Big fan of the round holes so why switch now?  Dodgy I see some Slidemeister friends here so I know that I'll be in good company. 

I'm located in Rochester, New York USA.

Thanks for having me!
Hello, JPKelly.

Welcome to the Tremolo Forum.
You have many new friends, and
a few old friends here.

My favorite tremolos are the German-made
tremolos: Hohner, Seydel. In the USA, they
are most popular in the Richter system reed
placement, like a Hohner Marine Band 10-hole
blues harp. The Richter system offers more chords
than the other 2 standard reed placements,
but the scale setup changes with each octave.
The German (Richter) tremolos normally start
with the lowest pitch as "do", or "mi" of the
harmonica's major scale.

You have selected a solo system Seydel Fanfare
tremolo harp. It has the advantage of identical
scale patterns in the 3 octaves, like a standard
slide chromatic harp. But, it has fewer chords
than the Richter and Asian system tremolos.
The lowest pitched reed on a solo system harp
is "do". Seydel and Huang offer solo system
tremolos, maybe a few 0ther brands.

A third standard reed placement system for
tremolos, the Asian system, is similar to the
Richter system. It has 2 complete major
scale octaves in holes 1-8*, but the breath
pattern reverses in holes 5-8*. The holes 1-5
are draw-blow, then in holes 5-8, the scale
is blow-draw, then holes 8-12* are draw-blow,
with a few jumps at the last two holes*.

*NOTE: We are discussing the tremolo harps
with the Hohner hole numbering system:
each two "cells" on a tremolo harp are one
"hole" in the Hohner numbering system.
Other companies number the mouthpiece
holes as 1 reed per chamber ("cell").

The Asian system has an advantage of 2
complete major scales, but has fewer chords
than the Richter system reed placement.
The important "so" chord is not available on
the Asian system harps. The Asian system
tremolo harps usually start on the "so" note
as the lowest pitched reed. Suzuki, Tombo,
and other Asian companies (Chinese, Korean)
use the Asian system reed placement on their

John Broecker
Welcome aboard JP. Smile
(11-15-2016, 03:12 PM)Rex Wrote: Welcome aboard JP.  Smile

Welcome aboard JP.
I prefer the Richter or Asian system for tremolo.
It's all about what you like.  
The Fanfare is a great harp coming from Chromatic.
Seydel's Sailor Tremolo is supposed to be very good too, especially if you get used to the traditional tremolo layout , and one of those is on my wish list!

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