Does anyone here play a Suzuki SCT-128? I would like one at some point, and am looking for feedback.
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Hello, Mandrew.

Please forgive this late reply to your post.
I've been in for surgery, and didn't feel
up to a response until now.

I'm not an employee or distributor of the
Suzuki harmonica company.

I own a Suzuki SCT-128 slide chromatic tremolo.
It's a well-made, beautiful-sounding, expensive
harmonica. It has 16 mouthpiece holes, 128 reeds,
64 notes.

The SCT-128 has four octaves range, piano C3-D7,
with a plastic comb (body); brass reed plates; phosphor
bronze reeds welded to the plates; chrome-plated brass
covers; rounded, gold-plated brass mouthpiece with round
holes; measures 7.8 inches X 15 inches X 1.2 inches; with
a thick, tooled, leather holster with a strong snap.

It's the world's only mass-produced slide chromatic tremolo

Today's retail price is listed at the Suzuki website over $1,700,
but it's worth every penny. Every reed from the lowest to the
highest speaks well.

I use the SCT for slow ballads, folk tunes, religious tunes,
ethnic tunes, your use may vary.

If you decide to buy one, buy from a licensed Suzuki dealer
in the USA (or your country), for the workmanship and materials
warranty.  If you buy it at a lower price than the Suzuki dealer
or distributor, you will have no warranted repairs.

For more information:

Best Regards

John Broecker

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