Yukon tabs
Hi everyone
On harptab.com I found tremolo player his name is Yukon
Hi post over 900 songs for Echo Celeste with Rex tool
You can find something for yourself
I start with Bob Dylan song Blowing in the wind

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Hello, Markosz.

You are hand-writing the tablature for each tune
that you want to learn to play. This is a slow process,
but it builds a learning experience that will be
valuable to you, at a later time.

Most of the world's greatest music composers started
this way, by hand-writing in traditional music notation,
or music tablature.

In the future, with enough practice at tabbing tunes,
you will become skilled at tabbing, and will be able to
hear a tune, and tab it for your harmonica, quickly
and easily.

Hand-writing tabs for tunes is a slow technique at first,
and you will experience many mistakes along the way.
Don't be unhappy, be patient. Use a pencil, erase, and

Best Regards

John Broecker

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