Goliath hohner 2509
Hello everyone
I see on E bay hohner Goliath but I can't find any info about this tremolo beside simple info like out of production
Key of C wood comb nice harmonica is this harmonica exactly same like echo 2509/48 ? or just start different thx
I think most of the wood comb Hohners are Richter tuned. The two exceptions I know about are the Soloist and the Highlander.
Rex do you have any idea what kind of layout they may use for Goliath?
Rex go ahead share info about this Highlander will be happy to find out more thx
Hello, Markosz.

The Hohner #453 Goliath tremolo was made from 1907,
in Trossingen, Germany. It measures 7.5 inches left to right.
It has just intonation tuning.

It has 24 double holes, 48 reeds, and is a one-sided tremolo.
It's assumed to be a Richter system harmonica.

Check the 24- double holes note charts in the Phil Duncan Tremolo
and Octave Method book, for the note chart.

The single-sided Goliath has been made in the key of C only, and
at other times, keys C and G were sold.

The #454 Goliath was made from 1907-1912. It was a 2-sided tremolo,
keys C-G. It had 24 double holes, 48 reeds each side, for a total 96 reeds.




The Goliath is mentioned on that last page.
On page 41 there is one layout for 24 hole Japan/Korea Harmonica we call this layout typically Asian  is this layout for Goliath???
There is note Hohner Weekender is the same configuration thx
Hello, Markosz.

It's a guess that the correct 24-hole note chart
for the Goliath harp is the one on the top of page
41 of the Duncan book.

That chart is for Richter system tremolos. It was
first used by the Wilhelm Thie harmonica company
in the 1850s, and is known as the Viennese system
(Wilhelm Thie is credited with the invention of the
tremolo harmonica, in the 1850s).

Hi everyone
On top of page 41 wee have layout starts on hole 2 mi
This layout is use on Big Valley tremolo with plastic comb
Is this one you think they use to make Goliath?
Rex, thanks for your links to the Pat Missin website. We
now are certain that the Goliath is a Richter system harmonica.

The Hohner Goliath tremolo harp uses the same note chart
(reed placement system) as the Hohner Big Valley tremolo.

The Richter system 24-double holes tremolos start on "mi",
as the lowest note of the harmonica's major scale. The Asian
system 24-double holes tremolos start on "so" of the harp's
lowest major scale note.

The Chinese/Japanese/Korean note chart in the Duncan book
uses the reed placement system designed by World Champion
Tremolo Harmonica Player Hidero Sato, the Japanese harmonica
player, circa 1927. Later, in 1953, Cham-Ber Huang used the
Asian system on a few Hohner tremolos.

The Richter system tremolos have more chords available than the
Asian (Hidero) system, including the important dominant seventh
chord, but the Richter system has only one complete adjacent melodic
octave (the scale notes are next to each other).

The Hidero (Asian) system has more complete adjacent melodic
scales (3) than the Richter system, but has no dominant 7th chord

If you play the tremolo melodically, and use few or no chords, the
Asian system might be your best choice. If you are a player who uses
chords on the tremolo, the Richter system may be your best choice.

John Broecker
Thank you all for respond the only reason I ask about this was that this harmonica was available on eBay new for only 30 $ I tought that was great deal
I will go back because I may have some information home
One question about this diminant 7th chord g.b.d.f .
Where .when .how. any suggestions?

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