Hohner 57/120
Hi everyone
Does enyone have layout for model 57?
I don't own one but it should be Richter just like the shorter Echo harps. When you extend the range of these harps the blow notes and draw notes get "out of sync" on the high end causing you to have to jump around a bit to play a scale in order, but in the middle of the harp it should be just like any other Richter tuned tremolo. (Each octave has 3 blow notes and 4 draw notes. They start in sync but with the unequal number of notes they get out of sequence at the top end if you extend the scale very far.)
Thank you Rex
Yes will be 60 holes on one side or 30 pairs
Looks like this will be 3 full scale + something
Reason I ask this I really start to like my 56 model and see 57 model on ebay
On page 41 tremolo book by Phil Duncan there is one 30 hole harmonica this may be C side layout?
Hello, Markosz.

Yes, the 30-double-hole tremolo listed
on page 41 of the Phil Duncan book
(Tremolo & Octave Harmonica Method),
published by Mel Bay, is the key of C
note chart for the 2-sided Hohner Echo
#57 tremolo harp.

Hello John
Are you familiar with a Hohner harmonica model number for such a layout beside 2sided model 57/120 ?
Is C/G only available key for model 57?
Hello, Markosz.

The Hohner Echo #57 is not listed in a 2014 Hohner booklet,
written in English, German, French and Spanish. The booklet
doesn't list all Hohner products. It is an introductory glance at
several types of harmonicas.

In the 2006 Hohner USA tri-fold catalog, the Echo #57 is listed
as sold in the double-sided C/G model only. The other Echo 2-sided
tremolos (#54, 55, 57) are listed, each in keys F-Bb; G-C; and A-D.

At the 2016 Hohner USA website, the #57 Echo is not listed.



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