Huang tremolo harmonica set c/c#
Hello friends
Good news I was able to buy huang tremolo set from eBay this is nice set c/c# paid 20$ harmonicas are great tuned to my surprise , not responding as Seydel Sailor but playable and useful for slow tempo tunes cover plates little bit different on back, solo tuned very nice



I found that there is company I New Jersey that selling Huang tremolo 6 harmonica whell, I wonder if I will be able to detach this harmonica from whell I don't know for sure if I will buy this whell but looks like this is only way to get different key solo tuned harmonica

Recently I was on harmonica direct Web side There is some new company" Dales Song" they say solo tuned harmonica will be nice to get layout thx

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From the 2002 Huang products catalog
(sorry, I don't have a more recent Huang

Huang #132 Musette Six tremolo harps:
Keys-Bb-F-C-G-D-A; solo system; 288 reeds
(48 reeds per harp-3 octave range each harp)

Huang #131 Musette Four tremolos: 192 reeds
Keys-F-C-G-D; solo system; as on the Musette Six

Screws keep the harmonicas on a "wheel" are
removable, so you may unscrew the harps from
the wheel. Save all parts for re-installation at a
later time.

Huang #133X Musette Twin Pack tremolos:
Keys C-C#, solo system; 48 reeds per harp.

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John Broecker
Hello John
Thank you for respond nice to hear from you thank you for information on six harmonica whell
Do you have any information about this new company "Dales song"
I think the Dale's Song harp is a house brand from Harmonica Direct, a UK retailer. I think our friend Al who used to post here said they were a good company to deal with. You might want to do a search of the forum for them.
Sometimes I have seen tremolo harps like Suzuki and Tombo called "solo tuned" by folks from the UK. I think sometimes they mean it has a complete scale in the first octave and is not Richter tuned. So you might want to contact them before you buy. When I think "solo tuned" I think of the typical note arrangement on a chromatic. The Seydel Fanfare harps are thus solo tuned. The Suzuki Humming is not, by my definition.
If you get one please write us a review. They are almost certainly made in China, but they may be decent harps.
Thank you Rex
Yes my understanding for solo tuned tremolo harmonica is same Layout as chromatic harmonica I think they call Asian system solo by mistake anyways I will send them email and ask them for layout
I wuld love to hear from someone who play huang 6 harmonica whell I don't expect much from them but I like them for this solo system thx
This was posted in 2013. The wheel harmonicas show up at about 2:30 into the video. A year ago this fellow answered some questions about it. He said the quality is not good and also confirmed the harmonicas can be taken off the wheel.
Hello Friends
Rex thank you for link to this YouTube video, yes I see coments section doesn't looks good I hope Seydel one day make nice set of solo tuned tremolo harmonica until then we got what we got thx
Seydel will configure some models. You could ask them how much for a solo tuned Sailor in the key you want. Their Fanfare is solo tuned if you don't mind valves harps. You have to warm up valved harps in your pocket before playing.

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