Seydel steel
Hi everyone
Please check seydel Web side for new seydel steel models
I just find out about this sailor steel model they are in Richter key C.D.G and in harmonic minor key A.E
Layout,  pictures, sound samples on Seydel Web
This time Seydel  make nice plastic case for tremolo price
89,95€ plus shipping I don't know how much is this in us $
Thanks for the info, Markosz. These look interesting. I have one Seydel diatonic with stainless steel reeds. It it a good harp. Not better than my brass reeds in my opinion, but just as good. Steel is harder than brass which makes a difference if you try to tune a reed. Been there, done that. Here is a link to what Markosz is talking about.

The tone tables on the Seydel site for these harps shows them to have the same range as standard G, C, and D blues harps except that the tremolo harps have some extra notes on the high end. The D is a step higher than the C, unlike the D Suzuki Humming which is a low D. The Seydel might be useful for fast Irish tunes in D. Very interesting. I wonder if the note spacing is the same as a Suzuki? Anybody have a brass sailor and a Suzuki they can compare (assuming Seydel is using the same comb for the steel Sailor).

Rockin Ron has them.
These Sailors are Richter tuned, not solo tuned like the brass reed ones.
Yes I have brass reeds Sailor but they tuned Solo with double C
CdEfGaCbC....Sailor comb is longer than Suzuki about 1in comb is round

I forgot to add yes they use same comb on steel and brass model
The Sailor comb would be longer because it has 24 notes and the Suzuki Humming has 21. Suzuki does make a 24 note 2 Timer. I was wondering if the note spacing was the same. Are 21 notes on the Sailor the same length as 21 notes on a Suzuki? I am interested in the Sailor but not if the note spacing is a lot different. I never thought much about Seydel tremolos before because they were solo tuned. This new steel Sailor says it is Richter so much of it would be the same as the Asian harps I am playing now.
Rex they have same spacing on comb
The difference is seydel don't mark key note and comb is curved at mouth side
What I found interesting thisC tremolo starts withC4 blow I have hohner big valley key of C starts on blowE (mi) in layout will be hole 3 both have G hords thx
Greg Jones is a Seydel rep who runs I have met him at SPAH, bought a harp from him through the mail before, and got a new comb for another harp from him on another occasion. He is also active on the Gospel Harmonica Facebook page. I asked him a few questions about the Seydel Sailor steel reed tremolo. Here are a few lines from his reply.

"Note spacing is the same as the brass reed model.
Richter tuning.
These are made in Germany and actually, they have been out for quite some time. They were such high quality that the Asian distributors actually contracted Seydel to build them in Germany. They were restricted to the Asian market for some time so although they are new to our market, they are not really new. They were extremely hot sellers over there."

I ordered a G from Greg. He doesn't even have the harps in his shop yet so it may take a week or so. I went with the lowest key because the first octave of this harp is chords, so the melody will need to stay mostly in the middle or high octave for some tunes. The high octave on these have a complete major scale. I hope to have a review for the forum soon.
I can't make up my mind if I want to go with the Seydel steel, or a Humming. I like them both, but they are getting pricey. I wish Seydel made a C and C# so that I could stack them and play chromaticly.
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