Octave Harmonica
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The original message here was about a You Tube channel I had created for the octave harmonica. Today (10-24-16) I deleted that entire channel. It no longer exists. The videos are gone, the playlists are gone. Last week I sold my only octave harp. It is not my sound. The octave harp channel had one subscriber and very, very little traffic. As a tremolo player I was curious about the other double reed harp, the octave, but in the end it just wasn't for me.
Hello, Rex.

Thanks for the octave harp tunes links.

You sound very "Germanic" on the octave Concerto,
like the sound of an accordion. Well done.

I play religious tunes, movie themes, polkas, waltzes,
folk tunes, marches, symphonic themes, etc.

Here are a few tunes for the octave harp. They may be
played on any melodic harmonica, but really sound nice
on an octave harp.

Octave harps were originally designed to sound like
brass instruments and brass ensembles, where
more tonal resonance is present.


Lord of the Dance ("Shaker Hymn", theme of Copland's
"Appalachian Spring"). Many other religious tunes are
playable on an octave harp.

"Superman-The Movie", by John Williams, arranged in a
medley of the themes of the movie.

"Star Wars" medley of themes.

Theme from the movie, "Papillon" (The Butterfly),
a nice minor tune, on an octave harp, it sounds like
French café accordion music.

Themes from the Olympics; German folk tunes.

Patriotic tunes.

Military marches; Polkas, Waltzes; folk and country music;

I use Richter-system octave harps, and solo system harps,
and I might have a few Asian system octave harps.

Best Regards

John Broecker
Hi John. Thanks for noticing the German influence. There are several communities near me that have German immigrant histories and they like to put on festivals. At these festivals there are always the "oop paa" bands and accordion players. I don't know much about the octave harp but I do tend toward those styles because I have heard them and they seem to fit naturally on the octave harp. Of course the octave will always take a back seat to my tremolos and Melody Makers.
Really good octave harp player:
I wonder if his techniques would sound good on a tremolo?
Thanks for the info and links, Rex. Sure enjoyed your playing. Reminded me of West Germany, where I spent 31 months in the Army, in the sixties. I sure had a great time dancing to the music, for many many hours.
(03-27-2016, 03:10 PM)terryg Wrote: Thanks for the info and links, Rex.  Sure enjoyed your playing.   Reminded me of West Germany,  where I spent 31 months in the Army, in the sixties.  I sure had a great time dancing to the music,  for many many hours.

I'm starting to really like the sound of the Octave harps.
I have one I'm going to retune to paddy richter.

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