Humorous Celebrity Endorsements
I must have missed the curb boys.

What did they do, sell newspapers?

During the fifties and sixties, in the south, one sure destination for hungry teens, and hungry teens wanting to neck, was a local restaurant in NC called "Tom and Sarah's".
I worked at TS 1958-1959, age 12-13.

I was a curb boy. Cars would pull up, and I would approach the car to take their orders. I'd bring them their food, and hope for a big tip. At least a dime, sometimes as high as a quarter.
My wages were $2.00 a night plus tips. Always had jingle in my pocket.
John, I am sure you knew of curb boys, just by a different name, perhaps.
Up north we called them carhops.
There was an A & W in our area that still did that in the 1980s.
They hung a tray on your window and brought your food to the car. I used to take my family there once in awhile. Best rootbeer ever.
I remember car hops, but I was too young to
know about drive-in restaurants (in 1959, I was 10).
My family didn't go out to restaurants very often.

In the early 1960s, I remember car hops at one
local drive-in, later re-named Kopp's.

The car hops were usually high school aged girls,
and wore short uniforms and occasionally were
on roller skates. Just like the scene at Al's Drive-In
restaurant on the USA television show, "Happy
Days" (on the TV show the girls were women).

Bikers and Fonzie types were not there, mostly

Nobody, I mean nobody, puts ketchup on a hot dog.

--USA Hollywood actor, director Clint Eastwood, as
police detective "Dirty" Harry Callahan, to his police
partner, actor Rene Santoni, in the movie, "Dirty Harry".

The angry man opens his mouth and closes his eyes.
The wise man closes his mouth and opens his eyes.

--Hollywood (USA) movie actor Jack Nicholson

Tremolo humor:

Television? The word itself is half Latin, half Greek.
No good can come of it. --C.P. (Charles Prestwich) Scott
From USA television's show, "Gunsmoke":

Dodge City Marshall Matt Dillon (actor James Arness):

"Chester, your coffee will singe the hair off a buffalo hide".

Dodge City Deputy Marshall Chester Goode (actor Dennis Weaver):

"Yeah, I figure it's the Dodge City water".


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