Hohner little lady

Nice little thing, nice sound. But I don't think I will use it much, so it is for collection and decoration purpose only. Sad
Hello, Leo and Little Lady harmonica friends.

The Hohner Little Lady was the first known
mass-produced mini-harmonica, introduced in
1924. Since then, most of the major harmonica
companies and even a few of the less-known
companies make mini-harps.

Mini-harps today have 4, 5, or 6 holes, and are
exhale & inhale instruments. They have a range
of at least one octave (piano range C6-C7).
Hering makes a mini-harp in the key of A , and
a key of G mixolydian was once made by Huang.

G mixolydian is the key of C, but it starts on G
and ends on G, using the same spellings as the C
mini-harp. The mixolydian mode is a favorite for
blues, country, rock and jazz music styles

There are songbooks written for the standard
4-hole mini-harp. The most extensive book
is "The Ultimate Miniature Harmonica Tunebook",
by Pat Missin. It has 365 tunes for the 4-hole mini:


Other books that might be out of print (not recently

"25 Popular Tunes for the One Inch, 4-hole Mini-Harp",
by Alan "Blackie" Schackner, published by F. & R. Farrell
company of Harrisburg, Ohio, USA, 31 pages. The Farrell
company ended in 2005, with the death of it's owner,
Richard Farrell. The book may still be available at Amazon
or ebay websites, or on-line book sellers.

"My Favorite Songs for Starlet", by Shanghai native Cham-Ber Huang
(Tsing-Barh Huang, 1925-2013), published by the Huang harmonica
company, 21 pages. It was written for use with the Huang Starlet
mini-harp, and it was a free book provided with a Starlet purchase.

"Hohner Harmonica Songbook", published by the Hohner harmonica
company. This book was designed for the Hohner Rainbow harmonica,
a harmonica with the same size as a 10-hole single reed diatonic blues
harp, but it has only 4 holes, like the 4-hole mini-harps. The book has
16 pages, and includes a free Rainbow harp with purchase of the book.

The original German-made "Little Lady" is a tiny but playable instrument.
Remember in one of the Three Stooges films, Moe swallows one -- and Curly & Larry pump his arms and play him like a human accordion ?
Hilarious !

Warning: Hohner markets a 'mini harp', nearly identical to the Little Lady, but much cheaper and made in China.
That model is poor quality, barely playable, and better suited as a charm for a necklace or bracelet.
Here's more information on the Hohner Little Lady
mini-harp. I'm not an employee of any harmonica
manufacturer, distributor or seller.

The Hohner Little Lady was the first musical instrument
played in space. On December 17th, 1965, USA astronaut
Wally Schirra played "Jingle Bells" with his Hohner Little Lady,
while traveling 16,000 miles per hour in earth orbit in the
Gemini 6 space craft. Wally's harmonica is on display at
the Smithsonian Institution's aviation & space museum,
in Washington, DC, USA.

The Little Lady was listed in the Guiness Book of World Records
as the smallest musical instrument, playable in a complete scale,
and with limited chords, and reed bending.

Hohner has made, at one time or another, at least 8 different mini-harp
models, available with or without necklace, key ring or chain. One Little
Lady model has gold plated covers and gold plated chain.

The Little Lady has a wood comb, probably pearwood. All other known
brands and models have plastic combs.

The Little Lady has metal covers, like the Hering 88CC mini-harp and
the Huang 101 Starlet, and other brands.

The Hohner Mini-Harp is made in China, and is available with metal
or plastic covers, with or without necklace, key ring or chain.

Happy Holidays

I have one of these:


I actually played it last night at a public performance. Just one verse of one tune. It is not a professional instrument, more like a toy, but it is playable. Not loud but I got real close to the mic and it sounded OK.

Lee Oskar sells one also:
Strange ! I also have a 4 holer. A Hohner and Pat Missin's book of 365 tunes to play on it. However I don't know most of the tunes - can't even pronounce most of the titles. But it's a great novelty to play when out and nobody is aware of it.
Hello, Mini-Harp Maestros.

Any tune that plays within the do-re-mi-fa-so-la-ti-do
range (one octave) is playable on a standard mini harp
(holes 4-7 on a standard Richter system blues harp,
holes 5-8 on a standard solo system slide chromatic).

Here are a few tunes listed alphabetically, that are
playable on a mini-harp. A few tunes may have a
slight change to adapt to the mini-harp.

A few tunes may be played in 2 or more scales
(positions) on one mini harp.

Ach, du Lieber, Augustine (key of C on C harp)
Adeste Fidelis ©
Alouette ©
Amazing Grace (F on C harp)
A Mighty Fortress Is Our God ©
Annie Laurie ©
Are You Lonesome, Tonight? ©
Are You Sleeping (Frere Jacques) ©
Aura Lee (Love Me Tender) ©

Baa, Baa, Black Sheep ©
Battle Hymn of the Republic ©
Blow the Man Down ©
Brahms' Lullaby ©
British Grenadiers ©
Buffalo Gals ©

Camptown Races ©
Can-Can ©
Carnival of Venice ©
(Get Along Home), Cindy ©
Chariots of Fire (by Vangelis) ©
Come, Thou Font ©
Comin Home, Baby (D minor on C harp)
Count Your Blessings ©

Danny Boy ©
Danse de Hercules ©
Dayenu (Passover Song) ©
Dixie ©
Drink to Me Only With Thine Eyes ©
Du, Du, Liegst Mir I'm Herzen ©

Early One Morning ©
Edio Beo Hevene Quene ©
Enjoy Yourself ©

(The) First Noel-C

More titles in a future post.

Happy New Year

John Broecker
Hello, Mini-Harpers.

Here are more song titles for the standard key of C,
4-hole mini-harp. These tunes are also playable on
5- and 6-hole mini harps.

The tunes are listed in alphabetical order, this post
from G through L. The prior post listed mini harp
tunes from A through F.

Gary Owen-C
God Save the Queen (America)-C
Good King Wenceslaus-C

Hail, Hail, the Gang's All Here-(played in F, on a C harp)
Hail to the Victors (Michigan campus song)-C
Harmonica Waltzer-C
He Leadeth Me: O, Blessed Thought-C
He's Got the Whole World In His hands-C
Home, Sweet Home-C
Houston (Goin' Back to)-C

I'm an Old Cowhand-C
In Munchen Stehdt Ein Hoffbrau Haus-C

Jesus Loves Me, This I Know-C
Jesus Shall Reign-C
Jolly Old St. Nicholas-C
Joyful, Joyful, We Adore Thee (Beethoven's Ode to Joy)-C
Joy to the World-(Handel)-C
Just As I Am-C

(The) Kerry Dance-C

Lightly Row-C
Li'l Liza Jane-C
Little Annie Rooney-C
Little Lady Cross Harp-(by Blackie Schackner, G on a C harp)
Little Lady Rock-(Schackner, C)
London Bridge-C
Long, Long Ago-C

More tunes in a future post.

Hello, Mini-Harpists.

Let's continue the alphabetical list of some
tunes available on a 4-hole mini-harp (also
playable on 5-hole and 6-hole models).
The keys listed here assume that we are
playing a key of c mini-harp.

Marine's Hymn-key of C
Mary Had a Little lamb-C
Michael, Row the Boat Ashore-C
My Blue Heaven-C
My Bonnie-C

No songs listed

Oh, Dear, What Can the Matter Be?-C
Oh, Susannah-C
Oh, When the Saints Go Marchin' In-C
Old MacDonald Had a Farm-C
Old MacDonald Had a Farm( C, F, G on a C harp)
On Top of Old Smokey-C

Pageant (by Cesar Franck)-C
Peter & the Wolf (by Serge Prokofiev)-C
Pop! Goes the Weasel-C
Puer Natus in Bethlehem-C

No tunes listed

Rock of Ages, Cleft for Me-C
Row, Row, Row Your Boat-C
Russian Sailor's Dance-(A minor on C harp)

Savior, Like a Shephard Lead Us-C
Shabat Shalom (D minor on a C harp)
She'll Be Coming 'Round the Mountain-C
Shortnin' Bread-C
Sponge Bob Square Pants-C
Stille Nacht (Silent Night)-C
Streets of Laredo-C
Sweet Hour of Prayer-C
Sweet Rosie O'Grady (F on a C harp)

More listings in a future post.

Happy New Year

John Broecker
Hello, Mini-Moguls.

This is the last of the alphabetical listings
of some tunes playable on a standard
4-hole (and 5- and 6-hole) mini harp,
key of C.

There are certainly many hundreds more
tunes. But, this is a list of familiar tunes.

This Old Man-C
Trumpetts (by William Byrd)-C
Twelfth Street Rag-C
Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star (by Mozart)-C
Twinkle, Twinkle Variations (played in the keys of C,F,G)

Up on the Housetop-C

Walter's Polka (arranged by Broecker)-C
We Gather Together-C
We Wish You a Merry Christmas-C
Wheels on the Bus-C
When I Grow Too Old to Dream-C
When the Caissons Go Rolling Along-C
Where Is My Little Dog Gone?-C

No tunes listed

Yankee Doodle-C
You're In the Army Now-C

No songs listed

Happy New Year


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