Way of Lights
The Shrine of Our Lady of the Snows does the Way of Lights every year. They use white lights and props to tell the Christmas story while you drive or walk through the Shrine grounds. At the visitors center they have Christmas tree exhibits, food, and music. This year I am blessed to be invited to play tremolo harmonica for an hour on two different nights. (I auditioned by sending them some You Tube and Soundcloud links.) I had better get practicing! The crowd is usually moving around so I don't need an hour of songs. Half an hour should do and I can repeat. If anyone stands in one place that long listening to Carols on the harmonica they will probably be a fellow harp player. Smile I will post dates and times when it gets closer in case any of our forum readers are close to Belleville, Illinois.


Played tonight at the Shrine. Rain and fog kept people away so not much of a crowd. Good practice run for next time I play there, which is between Christmas and New Years. They will be busy then. They are usually busy every night during the Way of Lights. The venue is nice. The little MicroCube was was just the right size. The handful of people who did show up enjoyed it. As I was packing up the gear a tour group of about 30 came by who had been eating dinner two rooms away. They said they heard the music and enjoyed it so I suppose it was worth the effort. I played 18 Christmas and Advent tunes. About half on the tremolo and half on the diatonic. Did one verse of Jingle Bells on a mini harp for a laugh. The timing was perfect because just as I was getting to that part a lady who had noticed me changing harps every few tunes asked if I had a bass harmonica. I said sure and then pulled out the mini. Talk about timing.
Later this month I'm playing at a Knights of Columbus Christmas party.
Playing at the Shrine again tonight from 6 to 7. Same show I did last time. Same music I also played at the Edwardsville K of C Christmas party and at the Troy K of C Advent concert. This will be my last public performance of these wonderful tunes until next year.
After the concert I found out a friend of mine was recording with a cell phone. She sent me the recordings in an email today. I posted 4 of them to You Tube. Some people were sitting and listening and others were walking about in the lobby that was behind the audience. So there is a lot of noise in these. I told the folks to feel free to sing along if they wanted and some did. You can see the little Micro Cube sitting on a chair to my right. I had the delay set on 1.5 out of 10 and the volume half way up. You can see me waving at some small children in the 2nd row. It was a fun night. The folks listening and myself chatted about the tunes and harmonicas in between songs, but that didn't get recorded.

Happy New Year!
And, Rex, you did it all without wearing a hat.
That time of year. I was asked to play at the Shrine again. This year I have 23 tunes ready and all but 2 are on the tremolo.
If you are near Belleville, IL (near St. Louis, MO) come on out Monday evening, 12-5-16, from 7-8 PM. I will be in the lobby of the Visitors Center.

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