Seydel Mountain Harp
Hello, Mwatersworld.

Please read reply #4, above.

Welcome to the forum, Mark. Glad to have you here!

Rockin Ron still sells the Mountain Harp.
I just bought a new Lee Oskar from Ron last week.

You could contact Greg Jones over at 1623 Custom Harmonica.
He specializes in Seydel and has contacts within the company.
I purchased my Seydel Concerto from Greg.

Greg is a great guy who has always responded to my emails about Seydel. I had a problem with a wood comb on a Seydel Big Six harp and he fixed me up with a nice new polymer comb for not much more than the price of shipping it. That harp is now very playable and gets used regularly. I met him in person at the SPAH harmonica convention.

Greg can sell you a Seydel and he can also repair your Seydel harps.
Hi Mark. Welcome to our forum. You will find many new friends on this site, friends who love the tremolo harmonica.

As you have read, I love my Seydel Mountain 80. While I wanted a 96 in the beginning, I "settled" for the 80. Very happy.

John Broecker gave you a couple of names to go to when you want to purchase a Mountain. I also recommend Rupert Oysler. Within 10 days of purchasing mine, I had a problem with a reed. I called Rupurt, and within 10 days I had another Mountain 80. No hassles, and he seemed to be a really nice guy.

I am sure Rex's recommendations are just as valid. I just have zero experience with the two retailers.

Again, welcome.

PS: Just minutes ago discovered Rex's recent thread titled: "Easttop dealer soon to USA". He also gives the dealer's website. Checked it out and it appears this dealer has, in stock, both sizes of the Seydel Mountain. Good prices too. The temptation of the 96 might just be too much for this ole South Georgia boy.
Thanks for the warm welcome. I'm enjoying perusing the threads.

I have both the 80 and 96 although the smaller version gets played more often. My concern was that if Seydel is no longer producing these fine instruments it might be prudent to stock up. 

Any thoughts on why Seydel is no longer selling these themselves?

Hello, Mwaters.

You are correct. Seydel USA doesn't list
the Mountain Harp models at it's website.

The following 2 statements are guesses.

It may be that there is not a demand for
the MH series in the USA.

Or, it may be that the USA Seydel may be
temporarily out of stock on the MH models.
That could mean that the MH are popular,
and are selling fast.

But, the Mountain Harps are available at:

Best Regards

John Broecker
I called Rockin' Ron's, and he says that the Mountains have been discontinued. Grab them while you can, he is now out.
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