Lee Oskar Tremolo
According to this article, Lee Oskar is planning to start selling the Tombo line of tremolo harps.
The tremolo harp is mentioned about 2 paragraphs from the end.
I have 14 Lee Oskar diatonics. They are my favorite harp. I would be interested in a Lee Oskar/Tombo tremolo if the price was reasonable.
He does specifically say 'Lee Oskar Tremolo'.. I wonder if that simply means putting Lee Oskar branded cover plates on current Tombo models, for the US market, or will there be new designs ? Maybe Richter-style tremolos would be the best design to begin with, if the idea is to get current Lee Oskar harmonica players interested in trying a new LO tremolo harp.
Hello, Lee Oskar Fans.

I'm not an employee or representative,
or paid endorser of Lee Oskar products.


The LO Tremolo was news to me.

Lee Oskar, is a very talented blues harp player,
with the group, "War", and founder (1983)
of Lee Oskar harmonicas. He's a supporter
of the non-professional and professional
harp players alike.

Tombo ("Firefly", founded in 1916, Tokyo, Japan),
the parent company of Lee Oskar, makes
(in my opinion) the highest quality
harmonicas in the business. But today,
only it's Lee Oskar products are distributed
in the USA.

Let's hope that the new LO Tremolos will
be of the same high manufacturing standards
as the LO blues harps, and that they will be
distributed in the USA.

Best Regards

Exactly !!!  This has been waiting a long time!!!!!!
Jonathan E. Brickman
Music of compassion; fire, and life!
Potentially terrific news.

Al will probably be glad to read this, as he is a huge fan of Tombos.
A fellow over at the Slidemeister forum posted on 4-19-16 about a new Tombo chromatic (the Mu-01). He said he wrote the Lee Oskar company and asked if they were going to import it. They wrote him back and said they were planning on importing the Tombo Chromatic and also some tremolo harmonicas. This is supposed to happen "later this year or early next year".

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