Gospel harmonica
There is a Facebook group for Gospel harmonica players. I have joined. I know a few of the folks here like to play hymns so I thought I would mention it.


The fellow who runs it contacted me after I requested to join to ask me if I play or am interested in Gospel music on harmonica. I suppose he is trying to keep the site free of spammers. After I replied he added me to the group. Some interesting posts over there that might be worth reading even if you don't want to join.
I briefly visited the site and it got my attention. I plan to spend more time there.
The Gospel Harmonica Community on Facebook has grown and is very active. They have a monthly online meeting. The meetings are archived so members can view them. There are a few professional players who are members and who have kindly shared their knowledge. I know of 4 tremolo players, including myself, who have posted examples of tremolo harp. All harmonicas are welcome but the 10 hole diatonic is represented the most.

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