Tab format.
Hello, Dezzy.

Using the Asian system tremolo note chart in reply #9 above,

you can use an 8 holes per major scale setup, factory-installed:

With each hole numbered 1-24, start on hole 3 exhale.

( no sign ) = exhale reed; ( * ) = inhale reed:

3 *2 5 *4 7 *6 *8 9 This is the "do, re, mi, etc. scale, lowest range, C-C on a key of C harp

9 *10 11 *12 13 *14 16 *15 (middle range, C-C)

15 *18 17 *20 19 *22 *24 21 (highest range, C-C)

Rolleyes Confused Huh Dodgy

In an opinion, this system is discombobulated.
Going backwards in the 1st octave, forward in the second octave,
and backward in the highest octave, with a wider distance between scale notes.

It may serve a purpose for our Asian friends, but I prefer a simple system,
the solo system. Why must playing a tremolo be difficult?

You could use a scale number, rather than hole number system. Tab 1-8
scale degrees through the 3 octaves: 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8; 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8; 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8.
But, you'll still have the problem of wider and wider jumps between scale degrees.

Best Regards

John Broecker
John, that's getting to it, using the 1 to 8 numbers. But there is still the problem of indicating which octave when a tune spans two octaves. But thanks for the Idea. Gee I'm glade my computer picks up spelling mistakes. I am connected by radio and am sure it is slower than I type.
Hello, Dezzy.

Try this for labeling low, middle and high range octaves on your tremolo:

1L (1st scale note C, low octave)

5M (5th scale degree, mid-range)

7H (7th scale degree, high octave)

I believe the best way to tab a tremolo is to adapt the current Richter tab to your instrument. I have shown how that is done on a 21 note Asian system in the beginning of this thread. You can do the same for your harp. Just figure out where the Richter note will fall on your harmonica. There are so many different harmonicas.
If you create your own unique system of tab you will be the only one who can read it and more important you will be the only one who can provide tab to yourself! Confused Tens of thousands of tunes have been tabbed for Richter harps already. If you can read Richter tab you have an endless supply of tunes to download.

I have already used this method with success so I know it works.
John, yes that could solve the problem. I'll experiment a bit. And Rex, yes I understand we stick to the Richter Tabbing, except when I am in the low octave and have to go to the next , I want to get away from eg. go up to hole 13 or 20. I need to type the high numbers and that's what I was trying to avoid. Whereas if I know the octave to go to and the hole is from 1 -8 I find it quicker. Of course I read all the Tabs that are available and pick out the Tremlo notes by ear, so I'm not lost.
Yes I translate music notes to a 127x203cm. filing card and mark the notes tabbed etc so I can play off them . I have a few hundred and refer to them after a long spell between a song. I mark the long and short notes and get the rhythm nearly. I'm thinking of marking the chords when I digest the info here. See , with age the old memory needs a jog at times.
Hello, Rex and Dezzy.

You are both creative. Your tab methods
will make playing the tremolo harmonica easier.


John Broecker

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