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I like to ask if anyone knows where to buy this twin pack? C and C#
(01-14-2015, 06:25 AM)markosz Wrote:

I like to ask if anyone  knows  where  to buy this twin pack? C and C#

Hello, Markosz.

The Huang products are difficult to find in the USA, despite the fact that
the Huang company is a USA company (last known address Amityville, New York).

All Huang products are made in Shanghai, China, at the Shanghai General Harmonica Plant.
They are shipped to Amityville, where the Huang technicians adjust them for playability.

All Huang products have plastic combs, screws hold the reed plates to the comb, and screws
and nuts hold the covers together.

Here are e-addresses for Huang, Inc. These are old addresses, and might be
not in service:

You might also try, under
musical instruments/harmonicas

The Huang #133X Musette Twin Pack is two tremolo harmonicas,
one in the key of C and the other in C#. They are solo system harmonicas,
like standard slide chromatic harps, without a slide mechanism.

By holding them in the hands like a 48 chord or bass harp, a chromatic
tremolo is playable, with practice, going from one harp to the other.
They are 12 double holes, 24 reeds, 3 complete chromatic octaves
when played in a pair.

Huang also made an octave harp #141X Cathedral Concert Twin, solo system,
with octave tuning, 3 complete chromatic octaves, when the two (C and C#)
harps are paired in the hands. They are 12 double holes, 24 reeds each harp.

Both pairs of harps have a solid case with hinges and latches, black enamel-colored
cloth covering the wood (or thick cardboard) cases.

Ten years ago (my most recent Huang catalog), the Twins were sold for $33 USA each pair.
They may be double that price today (only a guess).

Best Regards

John Broecker
John thank you for this info since I play chromatic
this layout make sane to me and will be nice to try one of this sets review from harp l sign Ted shows that this is low quality instrument not worth much ,but unique style of design make desireble jus around Christmas time I get my first Saydel diatonic harmonica the quality and workmanship was extremely high silver German plates
Staainesteel reeds and revets nice comb play out of box
and I know Saydel havery tremolo fanfare
top of the art tremolo bill like chromatic without slider this will be my choice thx
Let me make some correction
stainless steel reeds and rivets
build like chromatic thx sorry for mistakes
Hi everyone
last night i was serching for Hueng tremolo solo tuned
I find biggest selection on model 134-1 with thick reed plates and made of silver copper alloy
price very aprox 50.00us $ I didn't find any twin pack
Hello, Markosz.

Thanks for the information about

I also did some checking, and found Huang harmonicas (no Twin Packs)

I met the present owner of Coast2Coast at the 2014 SPAH Convention
(Society for the Preservation and Advancement of the Harmonica), in St. Louis.

He had a display set up, with Huang, Hering and other brands. I don't remember
seeing any Huang Twin Packs there. They may be a discontinued item.

A word of caution about the new internet discount
harmonica sales company. Doing business with this company may be risky.

Jonathan: if the above statement about Coast-to Coast Music is against the policy of
tremolo ponderworthy, I apologize, and you may delete the statement.

Best Regards

John Broecker

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