Jianpu musical notation
Brendan Power recently posted some videos using a Chinese notation system called Jianpu. It seems very logical to me as I tend to think in terms of scale degrees already when playing harmonica. This would work for any tremolo ( solo tuned, Richter tuned, etc.). Also good if you play mulitple types of harmonica like I do (Richter blues, Melody Maker, Paddy Richter) or play in different positions and modes. You just need to learn where the scale degrees are on your particular instrument and the tab works. I can write it by hand but I currently have no idea how to type it on a computer. Here are a couple of his videos:


Of course it is still a different language than most musicians use. I'm not sure if I will bother to learn it (probably not) but it is an option for tremolo players. Maybe Leo can tell us if this system is popular in China.
Brendan Power was kind enough to send me a link to the font he uses.


Hit the orange download button. The file should be in your download files. Open it and there is an install option. Click on install. Then when you open your text program (I used Notepad) click on format and you can choose SimpMusic Base from the options. You can also choose the font size. Play with the keys and with the shift and you will figure it out quickly. It works on my Windows 7 computer.

One issue: You cannot see it here. I made some Jianpu notation using notepad but when I attempted to copy and paste it into this message it reverted to what is printed on my keyboard keys. This message board does not support the font. However, I think if you had this font on your computer then I could share a tune in Jianpu with anyone. They would merely have to copy and paste it into a text program that had the font loaded. As a test I'm going to paste the notation below and then copy it from the board and then paste it into my Notepad program again.
*%^&1234567!@#$ qwertyuiQWERTYUI

edit: OK copied that line and pasted it into Notepad with the font loaded and I got Jianpu notation. So it can be shared but you need the "secret decoder ring" to read it. LOL
Hello, Jianpu Fans.

I'm not an employee of any music publisher or
sheet music distributor. This is not an advertisement.

I found a Chinese harmonica tablature system
that fits your description, in the book titled,


a music system used in the Chinese schools
to teach general music. It closely resembles
the standard solfege system used in the Americas,
west-Asian (Russia, etc), and European systems.

The Yinyue textbook not only uses a "locate 'do'
system", but also converts Chinese note and rest
durations (rhythms) to European system rhythms.

With this book, I was able to translate Chinese tabbed
tunes into standard European system music notation.
From there, applying the standard European music notation
to any harmonica made playing a harmonica easier.

The book's text is entirely in Chinese, but some examples
from American and European music styles were written
in standard European music notation, with the Chinese tab.

I don't know the name of the publisher, but if The Tremolo has
Chinese members, they may be able to provide that information,
for those tremolo players who would like to learn the YINYUE

It might be the same system as Brendan Power's Jianpu, or
a different system.

Best Regards

John Broecker
I recently Google searched for jianpu and found some more sites discussing it and some more fonts. I have not tried any of them so I will not link to them here (just yet).
Here is a link to a Tombo chart that shows where the notes of jianpu tab are on a standard 21 note tremolo:

I will attach the pdf.

Here is a chart that has some other harps, including 24 note.

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