SUNNY --Bobby Hebb
Sorry I do not have the sheet music for this, but have Tabs for diatonic. Can't be sure they were accurate but have translated them to Sailor Tremlo key C


11 11 15 -14 13 11 -10 9 9 -10 11. 11 11 11 15 -14 13 11 -10 9 9 -10 11
Sun-ny yes-ter-day my life was filled with rain. Sun-ny you smiled at me and real-ly eased the pain.

11 -10 11 9 -10 9 -10 9 11 9 -10 9 -10 11 -10 9 -10 11 -10 9
Oh the dark days are done and the bright days are here, my Sun-ny one shines so sin-cere

11 11 11 11 11 -10 -10 -10 9
Oh Sun-ny one so true, I love you.

Sunny, thank you for the truth you let me see. Sunny thank you for the facts from to Z
My life was torn like windblown sand, then a rock was formed when we held hands
Sunny, one so true, I love you

Sunny, thank you for the smile upon your face. Sunny, thank you for that gleam that flows from grace.
You're my spark of nature's fire. You're my sweet complete desire. Sunny ,one so true, I love you.

Sunny, thank you for the sun-shine bou-quet. Sunny thank you for the love you've brought my way
You gave to me your all an all, now I feel ten feet tall. Sunny, one so true, I love you

As usual the minus notes are draw notes. Others blow notes. If you know the tune you know the rhythm
Hi Dezzy,

Great tab work. Thanks.

Dezzy, I have noticed from your posts that you seem to use your Sailor a lot. If you have the time, it would be much appreciated if you could do review on the Sailor. I have been curious about one of these for quite some time now. A positive review might push me over the edge. However, and go figure this, a negative review would be even more appreciated.

Terry, I use my Sailor key C a lot because it's the only key C I have. I am not thrilled with it but can't just now buy another brand Key C. There is nothing really wrong with it, but it doesn't fit the mouth like a Humming does. It is a bit fat between the lips. Each octave goes up C D E F G A-then C then the B. I don't know if this layout is the same with other brands Key C. But it's ok when playing, just tricky when Tabbing. However Seydel was very good when one reed failed shortly after I bought it, they replaced a complete plate. Can't buy them all drat it!!!

Still trying to work out how to stop the Tab numbers from crunching above the text. I try to type numbers over the text but when posted the numbers crunch away from the text. I succeeded with "Carnival is over" but it didn't come out with "Sunny". I've tried Copy and Paste. tried direct typing to the forum. Anyone knowing the secret , it would be helpful for future Tabbing.

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