Love is Blue
Love is Blue

11.. -10 9 -8 -6 5.. -6 9 -8 9 -6 5 -6 5 3..
Blue, blue, my world is blue, blue is my world now I'm with-out you
Red, red, my eyes are red, cry-ing for you a-lone in my bed

11.. -10 9 -8 -6 5.. -6 7 -8 7 -6 5 -4 5 -6..../
Grey, grey, my life is grey, cold is my heart since you went away
Green, green my jeal-ous heart, I doubt-ed you and now we're apart..../

9.. -10.. 11.. 9 -6 -6.. -12.. 11.... 9.. 11.. -8... 9 -10 -10... -8 5 -6.../
When we met how the bright sun shone. Then love died, now the rain-bow is gone.

11.. -10 9 -8 -6 5.. -6 7 -8 7 -6 5 -6 5 3..
Black, black, the nights I've known long-ing for you so lost and a-lone

11.. -10 9 -8 -6 5.. -6 7 -8 7 -6 5 -4 5 -6..../ ///
Gone, gone the love we knew , blue is my world now I'm with-out you .

Music converted to Key of C then numbers applied to Seydel Sailor Tremlo Key C.
Dots after number means note is half note or that many beats for the note.
Dash / is for one beat pause. The eight notes I can't show, later I might underline.
There are a number of sharps in the second half, I just used the normal note. Song really needs chromatic.
At end of octave where two C notes come together I chose the C that seemed to fit best with following notes.
Hello, Love Is Blue Friends.

Dezzy, thanks for your tab of Love is Blue, in
the key of C, for a Seydel Sailor solo system
tremolo harmonica.

I hate tab, especially on tremolo harmonicas,
where there can be no single, standard tab for all
tremolo sizes and types.

Here's an alternate arrangement to Dezzy's version:

1. Part one: Use Dezzy's lines 1 and 2 of the tab.
The last note of line 1 is an E note, the 5th note
"so" of the A natural minor scale.

The last note of tab line 2 is an A, the 1st note
"do" of the A natural minor scale/mode. Since
there is no A in a C chord, it's my opinion that
this Part One is in A natural minor, not C major.

2. Part two: Use this alternate arrangement.
Replace Dezzy's line 3 tab with this version.
Dezzy's line 3 becomes lines 3 and 4 in this
new arrangement:

11. -12. 13.. 11 9 9. -14. 13...

11. 13 -10.. -10 11 -12..-10 -8 9...

Line 3 (above, new arrangement) ends with
a G note, "so", the 5th note of the C major scale.

Line 4 above (new arrangement) ends with
a C note, "do" the 1st note of the C major scale.
It's my opinion that part two is in C major.

Best Regards

Dazzy ,John thank you for input on this song I try both ways they work well I like this song great song for biginners like myself
I like to ask John if he will make any changes to line 1 and 2
Well, John, I agree with you about the Tabs. I think all we can do is give an idea of the tunes Tabs and then it is up to the player to adapt it to his own Tremlo. Seems to have worked for markosz. Idea
Hello, Markosz and Dezzy.

Dezzy, thanks for your arrangement of the tune.

Markosz, Dezzy's first two lines of tab (see his post above)
are "spot on," (very accurate). I wouldn't change a note
of lines 1 and 2 of his tab.

You may discover that collaboration on this tune is a positive,
and that's one of the advantages of a tremolo harmonica forum.

Best Regards

Hello blue lovers
I send one post then somehow I deleted so I have to start once again I'm very happy that YOU make this song available in tab form I hope we can expand repertuare this way and make this nice songs available for tremolo players
(did I already say this ?) would be a good duet with 2nd harp playing the backup (thinking of the harpsichord on the recording)

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