Amazing Grace key of F 12 position
I found tabs of this hymn on website
this is from John Gindick book so I hope is correct they use numbers for diatonic harmonica I change this to notes looks like this
C f a a G f d C
d f a a G C
a C a f a G f d C
C d f a a G f
since this hymn is played in one octave it is easy to move
frome one octave to another I move this notes to 21 hole suzuki humming Asian layout
8 11 13 13 12 11 9 8
9 11 13 13 12 8
13 8 13 11 13 12 11 9 8
8 9 11 13 13 12 11
Even numbers blow
Markosz, Yes I think your Tabs by note names is the most useful. Then we can find the holes on any key . But I don't think you can do all Tabs by Odds and even notes. This way needs the popular minus - for draw and nothing for blow notes. Are you after Tabs for religious, popular, country, from films or what ?
Hi Dazzy
I don't have anything special in mind I listen if I like I play I like this song love is blue John was talking about do you know this Frank Sinatra song it is in 5th position E
Markoz, I understand why you could only find tabs for Love is Blue. Because the last half is full of sharps. It is in key of G so play on a G tremlo would cut them out , but the other sharps you would have to fake them unless you can bend them. But I don't fancy bending on a Tremlo. There are plenty of other songs.
Can you post portion of this song without sharps and flats?
Hello, Markosz.

If you play the first section of Love Is Blue (by Popp, Cour & Blackburn, 1966)
in the key of A minor on a C harmonica, and the second section in C, the tune
will be easier to play. There are a few sharps in part two, but you can play around them,
substituting natural notes.

That's 4th position (A minor) for the first part, 1st position (C major) for the second part.

Follow these steps. Because there are many sizes and reed placements of tremolo harps,
we won't tab the tune here:

Music Part 1. Using your 24-hole solo system tremolo, start at the E note of hole
11 exhale, and go down the scale, ending on the A note of hole 6 inhale.

Part 2. Using the same harmonica, start part 2 at the G note of hole 5 exhale,
going up the scale, ending on the C note of hole 7 exhale.

Best Regards


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