Hohner Echo Celeste

Life is a celebration, not a search for success!
Nice review Al.

I purchased a Celeste "E" back in Dec. and it is still my least favorite harmonica. However, it could be my lack of playing skill and the fact that it is an E. I just wanted an E because I didn't have one.

But I do agree with you, it is really well made for the money, should last my life time. And the case is terrific. As great as I feel the Herings are, they don't come with any case except the shipping box.

Later, I might order a Celeste D, just to prove me wrong.

Hey Al, you do very well in front of a camera.

Hi Terry - the harmonica is good, but I suspect its a wee bit tight at the upper end of the range. I would go for an A, Ab, Bb or C model before moving into the upper ranges. D, E & F are often quite tight for a while, and I find that they often need playing in for a bit before I become comfortable with them. Now that maybe me, or it maybe the harp!?
However I find that the celeste is generally good value for money, with good comb and reedplate, and it's a doddle to play single note melodies on it.
Best regards, AL
Life is a celebration, not a search for success!
I have to admit that, although I was thrilled with the Celeste when it first came out, my Swan Pros see a lot more of my time now :-)
Jonathan E. Brickman
Music of compassion; fire, and life!
Al, are the E and F tremolo harps higher than a C? Since my Suzuki D is so low I just assumed that the keys went D E F G A B C (low to high). I only have D G A and C. I just assumed an F would be lower than my G. I know blues harps go G A B C D E F (low to high). On either end of that you can sometimes find a Low F or a High G blues harp. I have left out keys like Ab or C# in those lists for simplicity. I have read that other brands D is higher than C but then I assumed the keys went E F G A B C D (low to high). Anybody else have an E or F? Is it higher or lower pitched than a G or C?
I was listening to some music on You Tube tonight and by chance found this fellow playing in E and F. I think he is playing in first position and using an E and an F harp. I don't think these are high pitched harps. I do not know what brand he is playing.

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