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In this day and age, a Forum on the Internet is difficult to keep healthy. In pursuit therefore, this Forum has the following Code:

  1. Upon first Registration, a user will find that he or she can post, but his or her posts are not visible. New users need to post something immediately: anywhere will do, certainly including the "Introduce Yourself" area under Beginning if desired. Due to certain practical limitations, the posting must be in the English language. The Management will read all new users' posts, and once the user has made it clear by her or his posting that his/her intentions are appropriate to us all, the user will be set as Registered and Confirmed and her/his posts will be made visible to all.
  2. Please do not wait very long to make your first post; the Management does not keep unconfirmed users much longer than thirty days. But after a user is Confirmed there is no further scrutiny, unless he or she becomes a spammer.
  3. Spamming is not tolerated. All spammers shall be banned immediately after identified, and permanently. For the purposes of this Forum, spam is defined as "posting which is clearly not appropriate".
  4. The Management of the Forum reserves to itself all related decisionmaking as to appropriateness of postings. Further discussion and requests for reversal are not appropriate on the Forum, but are encouraged via private email, e.g., to Jonathan at

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